HOTT Lax Rules


  1.  All players are expected to play hard, play clean, and respect the game.  We will not tolerate arguments with or criticisms of officials, administrators, or players by players, coaches, spectators, or anyone else.  Leave your personal issues at home, and come out to enjoy the game.
  2. We will not tolerate cursing, bullying, trash-talking, or demeaning behavior of any kind.
  3. No take-out checks or overly physical play is allowed.
  4. Fights will end the game and result in dismissal from HOTT Lax without refund for the offenders.
  5. Each player is responsible for being properly equipped, including mouthpiece.
  6. At the end of each game, players shall expeditiously clean up and clear their sidelines of trash and equipment and make the field available for its next use. Players on each team have a collective responsibility to make sure this happens.
  7. GAME RULES: All games are 16 minute running halves.  There will be a 2-minute halftime.  No timeouts, no horns, substitutions on the fly.  Penalties will be enforced by fast breaks and/or replacement of offending player, in official’s discretion.  No Man Up/Man-Down.  Except for playoff games, there will be no extra play to settle ties.  We will play NCAA 30 second advancement rules.  We will otherwise play NFHS rules, e.g., faceoff violators do not have to leave the field.  Stalling rules will be strictly enforced.
  8. All players who are ready and able to play shall play a meaningful amount of time in each game, somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of each game.  Players on each team have a collective responsibility to make sure this happens.
  9. HOTT Lax reserves the right to eject from a game and/or dismiss from HOTT Lax without refund any player, coach, or spectator who violates these rules.  A team violation of the rules may result in a forfeit.