Code of Conduct


By registering for any Triad Blackhawks program or participating in any Triad Blackhawks event, the player agrees to follow and the player’s parents/guardians agree to support the following code of conduct: Each player will arrive at practice and games on time and prepared.  Each player will wear proper Blackhawks practice/game attire with proper equipment (including mouthpiece and cup) and will be properly hydrated. Each player commits to give his best efforts during practice and games. Each player will at all times respect his teammates, opponents, fans, coaches, officials, and the game of lacrosse.  Players shall not curse, taunt, bully, trash-talk, or engage in demeaning behavior of any kind, whether directly, indirectly, or through social media or online means of any kind. Each player agrees that he is responsible for transportation to and from practice and games and that he will not impose upon coaches to provide transportation. Each player will safeguard and will promptly return any equipment that has been borrowed from the Triad Blackhawks. Each player and parent commits to read each day the information sent to the email addresses that the parent/player have provided to the Triad Blackhawks. Parents shall maintain a positive atmosphere in their support of their son, his team, and the game of lacrosse and will refrain from negative fan behavior such as open criticism of or negative discourse with players, coaches, officials, or other fans.   The Blackhawks do not tolerate cursing, bullying, or demeaning behavior at any time, whether directly, indirectly, or through social media or online means of any kind. Parents will support their son’s lacrosse endeavors with the Blackhawks, will assist and encourage their son to comply with the player expectations above and will not to allow their son to play unless he is physically, emotionally, and mentally suited and capable of handling the demands of the game of lacrosse. We understand that coaching decisions regarding team selection are subjective in nature, and we agree to respect and abide by such selection decisions. A violation of these rules may result in a warning and/or suspension, reduced playing time, or dismissal from the program without refund. WAIVER and RELEASE (including Photo Release) By registering for any Triad Blackhawks program or participating in any Triad Blackhawks event, the player and player’s parents/guardians agree to the following Waiver and Release: I am aware of the risks inherent in the game of lacrosse and related conditioning activities. I assume these risks and hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Triad Blackhawks, its directors, officers, coaches, officials, volunteers, employees, and agents for any injury or damage, including but not limited to catastrophic injury or loss of life resulting from my participation or my child’s participation in the Triad Blackhawks program. I hereby give my consent to the Triad Blackhawks to provide customary medical and/or athletic training attention, transportation, and emergency medical services as are deemed appropriate in the discretion of the Triad Blackhawks. I am in good physical condition and will participate in those activities of the Triad Blackhawks for which I am physically, emotionally, and psychologically prepared. I am a member in good standing of the United States Lacrosse Association and am eligible for the full benefits of such membership, including insurance benefits. Photo Release.  I grant to the Triad Blackhawks the right to take photographs of me in connection with the activities of the Triad Blackhawks and the right to use such photographs of for any lawful purpose, including publicity, advertising, and Web content. The Blackhawks reserve the right to deny participation to any participant for any reason, in its discretion.