Spring 14 Photo Gallery


Hawks @ N Davidson, 3/1/14

Sticks Up, Pre-Game at N Davidson, 3/1/14

Game Action, Hawks @ N Davidson, 3/1/14

Warming Up for FCD, 3/6/14

Sam White (#6) approaches from wing as Cesar Grisales faces off for Hawks in JV action on March 15 vs. Clayton

West Stokes Game Action

Hawks Lineup for Game in Rocky Mt, VA vs. Franklin Co HS, 3/22/14

4th Qtr TImeout in Hawks 8-5 Win over Franklin Co. Eagles

Faceoff play, Blackhawks JV vs Davie Co JV, 4/3/14

Pre-Game Jog, Robinson HS, Concord, April 5

Warmup Before Second Game of Doubleheader at Robinson HS, Concord, April 5

These 12 Blackhawks Survived a Doubleheader in the Heat at Robinson HS in Concord on April 5

Kyle Beinke #9 and Kenny Presta #19 defend the Blackhawks goal in action against Oak Ridge Military Academy on 4/8/14

Game Action @ Oak Ridge Military, 4/8/14

Pre-Game @ NW Guilford JV, 4/11/14

Game Action vs NW Guilford JV, 4/11/14

Hawks Warmup with opponent Clayton in background, at Clayton, NC, April 12, 2014

Blackhawk Defenders Converge on Village Viper in game at Clayton, NC, April 12, 2014

Snow & Ice Often Had Hawks Practicing Indoors -- Pictured Here are the Spring Hawks 6 v 6 Indoor Champs

In true Blackhawk fashion, the spring Hawks used this light tower to practice in the season's first 3 weeks

Random Spring Hawks Bond, Pre-Game at Cash-Bagley

Mini-Playday -- Hawks, Williams, W Stokes -- 2/22/14

Indoor Practice on March 8 after Game Cancelled for Weather

Coach Pearson Talks to Players After Preseason Stickwork Session

February Practice. Fields Closed, but not the Parking Lot ...

Coach Pearson Warms Up Kyle Beinke Before Game at Clayton 4/12/14

Husker Prayer -- SW Guilford JV -- April 14

Captains Tracer Leonard #12 & Isaac Shore #13, SW Guilford JV, April 14

JV Hawks in Transition vs SW Guilford JV, April 14

Ian Miller Faces Off vs. SW Guilford JV, April 14

Final Timeout vs SW Guilford JV, April 14

Final Possession vs SW Guilford JV, 4/14/14

JV Blackhawks vs HP Central JV @ Simeon Stadium 4/22/14

JV Game Action - Blackhawks vs HP Central @ Simeon Stadium 4/22/14

Lineup -- JV Game -- Blackhawks at HP Central 4/22/14

Sam Newland & Erick "Boogie" Smith after HP Central JV hosted JV Blackhawks 4/22/14

Hawks Pose After N Davidson Game, 4/24/14

Game Action in 2nd North Davidson Game, 4/24/14

Hawks & W Stokes Pre-Game Lineup, 4/26/14

Ian Miller faces off for Hawks in game at West Stokes, 4/26/14

Pre-Game Lineup vs SW Guilford JV, 4/28/14

Timeout Huddle, Final Game of Season, vs. SW Guilford JV, 4/28/14