Miracle on Grass

Summer 2011 was a special one for a group of inexperienced lacrosse players who showed up with great attitudes and work ethics at the beginning of the summer and ended up with an amazing summer experience.  Coaches Al Dollman and Rob Leonard worked patiently with this group and helped to guide them to amazing heights by the end of the summer.

Miracle on Grass Team Celebrates

After playing tough but enduring an 0-5 record after being mis-assigned in the "A" division of the Southern Sizzle in Charlotte and losing all of its summer scrimmages (including a 16-1 loss to a certain Guilford County club team in which our "friendly" rivals -- which consisted predominantly of the TYLA U15 All-Star Team -- were still unashamedly firing away with its best players against our "newbies" to the very end), this inexperienced but determined group entered the Wilmington Blaze at the Beach tournament in July.  Through pure team effort and positive attitude -- and perhaps the intervention of the lacrosse gods -- the mighty little 'Hawks won an amazing 5 games in a row before losing a close tournament final.

Blackhawks U15 "Miracle on Grass" Team, July 24, 2011, Wilmington, NC

Dubbed the "Miracle on Grass" by its coaches, this outstanding group of young men -- aided by the positive attitude of their parents -- ended up learning the great game of lacrosse, enjoying success on the field, and having fun! Here is the roster of players from that memorable summer of 2011:
First Last Grade Pos School
Mason Murdock 9 A Bishop McGuinness
Griffen Glover 9 G Western Guilford HS
Aaron Blake 9 M Northwest Guilford HS
Adam Davis 9 D Grimsley
Jacob Hales 9 D Grimsley
Brandon Creasey 9 M Northeast Guilford HS
Chris Harper 8 A Guilford Middle
Jordan Brown 8 M Southeast Guilford Middle
Kellen Byrd 9 M Western Guilford HS
Alec Ward 9 M Northern Guilford HS
Aaron Parrish 9 M East Forsyth HS
Vic Marsden 9 D East Forsyth HS
Ryan McFetters 9 D Grimsley
Drew Kwapil 9 D Grimsley
Zach Jones 8 A Southeast (Forsyth) Middle
Andrew Matherly 6 D Northwest Guilford Middle
Chris Powell 8 G Northern Guilford Middle
Nick Shelton 9 G Northwest Guilford HS
Spencer Dollman 9 A East Forsyth HS
Dayton Koontz 8 M W Rockingham MS
Jonathan Angel 8 M Northwest Guilford Middle
Special recognition goes to Jared Ashley, who played hard and well the whole summer but was age-ineligible to participate in the Wilmington tournament.